From the first time I picked up a camera in high school, I have been passionate about capturing "the moment." Moments can be as random and simple as the first day a child rides a bike, discovers the joy of the sprinkler on a summer day or tastes broccoli. Moments can be as planned and complex as a wedding, family reunion or pregnancy. Moments are the individual brush strokes that paint the picture of our lives. My mission as your photographer is to capture moments, make memories and paint pictures. What started many years ago with a 35mm camera and a darkroom, continues today with professional equipment and professional labs. It is an evolving art that I will always love.

My other passions are family, travel, running and cooking, all of which are amazing opportunities to capture "moments." (You never know when a meal is going to actually look like something off of Food Network.) I love being a mother and have learned as much about life from my two children as I hope to teach them. For the last 14 years, I have worked as an airline pilot, which both facilitates and feeds my desire to see (and photograph) the world. I cherish my close friends who support me, my husband who grounds me, and my clients who help me fulfill my passion as I strive to preserve memories.